Vik Burian & Jose Scaglione, Typetogether


The Pekinpah Association hosted renowned type design studio in Ljubljana on the 26th June 2014. The aim was to introduce high-end experts to local type scene, establish fruitful connections and offer aspiring young Slovenian type designers possibility of quality feedback on their portfolios.


Typography for real life
The digital era has radically changed the processes of making, composing and printing type. Tasks and projects that, not so long ago, required entire working teams, and different kinds of specialists, can now be tackled by one person with one computer… and enough knowledge, patience and perseverance. The same digital era however also allows for more effective and faster teamwork. In this talk, Burian will discuss her collaborative work within TypeTogether on type designs conceived for intensive editorial use. The focus will be on the complex issues behind technical, historical and theoretical aspects of these typefaces. How they are set, printed and read.

About Typetogether
TypeTogether was created in 2006 by type designers Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.

José Scaglione is a graphic and a typeface designer and co-founder of the independent type foundry TypeTogether, where he has published several awardwinning type families. He teaches typography at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is frequently invited to lecture about typography and to lead workshops of typeface design at international conferences and academic institutions. José coauthored the book "Cómo crear tipografías. Del boceto a la pantalla", and collaborated with Jorge de Buen Unna on his book "Introducción al estudio de la tipografía". In 2013 José was appointed as President of the Association Typographique Internationale. In 2012 he was the chairman of the Letter.2 type design competition and conference.

Veronika Burian, born in Prague, got her first degree in Industrial Design in Munich, Germany, before she moved on to Austria and Italy to work as a mix between a product and graphic designer. Discovering her true passion for type, she graduated with distinction from the MA in Typeface Design in Reading, UK, in 2003 and started to work as full-time type designer at DaltonMaag in London for a few years. After staying for some time in Boulder, Colorado, she moved back to her hometown Prague and is now living and working in Spain. She dedicates her time fully to TypeTogether, an independent type-label that she co-founded with José Scaglione. Veronika also continues to give lectures and workshops at international conferences and universities. Her typeface Maiola received, amongst others, the TDC Certificate of Excellence in Type Design 2004. Several other typefaces by TypeTogether have also been recognised by international type competitions.


10:00, Kreativni center Poligon
Type critique / portfolio surgery

19:00, Kreativni center Poligon
Evening gathering for type-gourmets with 2 courses:
A starter: Typography made to fit
A short talk with tips about licensing and levels of custom typography
Main dish: Typography for real life

We are grateful to:
Katarina Kranjc who spoiled us with her catering: delicacies were important part of the friendly event!
Regional Centre of the Creative Economy (RCKE) which supported this event through Bottoms Up project and enabled us to share Poligon Creative Center’s space.
Luka Piškorič (Poligon) and the team for their hospitality.

Initiated and managed by:
dr. Petra Černe Oven, dr. Barbara Predan (Pekinpah Association, Institute of Design, ALUO)

Photos: Aleš Rosa