Silence: The Passion of the Cold (Full Score)


The book contains 24 compositions written for, or inspired by, Tomaž Pandur's plays Baroque and Caligula. Silence's very first published score, edited by Hladnik, features 124 pages of meticulous notations.



One of the few points of connection between both scores is the piano.
In Baroque, the piano is used in combination with strings – sometimes as an accompanying, but mostly as a leading or solo instrument. In Caligula, on the other hand, the role of the string orchestra is taken on by a mixed choir, although the latter always remains subordinate to the piano. The decision to use a choir in Caligula provided a sound that is, compared to Baroque's warm strings, considerably colder. Within our theatre oeuvre, the music for Caligula is probably the most unusal, almost audacious. This impression is achieved mostly by use of dissonances, not so much in piano parts as in the harmonization of the choir. Director Tomaž Pandur wanted to imbue the music with a sense of monotony. In order to achieve this, the piano parts were structured repetitiously (Versions 1 and 2 of The Organization Of Madness are a good example). In the mind of the listener, this creates images of flat, infinite lines, interrupted by occasional sforzatos in the piano and sudden crescendos in the choir. The music for Baroque, on the other hand, is more "classic", although it is possible to detect the same principle – intensified and pushed to the forefront in Caligula – in compositions like Theatre Of Beasts, Religion of Lust and The True Nature of Happiness.

Interestingly enough, both scores – which still appear quite different at first listen – were inspired by the works of early 20th century composers, for instance Scriabin's and Rachmaninoff's Piano Preludes, Prokofiev's 3rd Piano Concerto and the Children's Corner suite for solo piano, which Claude Debussy dedicated to his daughter Emma-Claude, lovingly dubbed Chouchou.

Hladnik, February 2011

On February 11th 2011, the Pekinpah Association released the full score of Silence's 2008 album, The Passion of the Cold

The compositions range from piano pieces to choral and orchestral works. The edition also contains 6 songs.

All copies are hand signed by Silence.

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List of contents:

01 The True Nature of Happiness
02 Baroque Variations: Equality
03 Concert for Guillotine and Tired History
04 Fêtes galantes
05 Butoh-Baroque
06  Sublime Symmetry of Letters
07 Halfway There, Mostly Nowhere
08 Theatre of Beasts
09 Baroque Variations: Brotherhood
10 Baroque Variations: Freedom
11 Guillotine: Dance of the Dead
12 Religion of Lust
13 Sounds Shameful, as if You Were in Love

01 Il gran teatro di Caligola
02 La luna
03 The Organization of Madness – Variation 1
04 Venus
05 Ai successori d'odio
06 Lake Nemi
07 The Organization of Madness – Variation 2
08 Capri
09 Can That Freedom Be Happiness?
10 Una strana schiavitù
11 The Four Sides of the Heart 

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