About Spider Festival


Since 2010, Pekinpah has been the head coordinator of SPIDER festivals across Europe. In collaboration with our partners, we have put together Spider (2010-2012) and Spider Expand! (2012-2014) projects and in turn organised ten international artistic events in Athens, Zagreb, Lyon, Berlin, Brussels and Ljubljana. Far from being done, we are currently in the middle of developing a new SPIDER project termed  Spider Futures. 


At the heart of Spider projects, which up to now have been connecting various artists and numerous artistic disciplines in six European cities, there has been an effort to engage in a research of the local cultural, social and political circumstances in order to present audiences with artistic practices and cultural genres that have for this or that reason not been, or have rarely been, represented in their local mileu. 

Spider has been putting local artists, on the throne of planning and curating the manifestations. The position of the Spider curator is occupied by a creative person whose active, first-hand knowledge and experience of the upcoming talents’ work and the most daring new dance productions is directly influencing both the programme of the manifestations and the creation of lasting ties between performing artists, as well as between artists and organisers of the Spider events. 

Supported by generous European Commission grants, the first two editions of Spider were coordinated by the Pekinpah Productions and brought together six European contemporary dance organisers: Collectif Loge 22 (Lyon), de facto (Zagreb), DansCentrumJette (Brussels), DAN.C.CE/Dance Cultural Centre (Athens), LaborGras (Berlin), and, naturally, Pekinpah (Ljubljana). 



Initiator: Matej Kejžar
Artistic directors 2010-2012: Matej Kejžar, Michael Pomero & Julien Monty & Marie Goudot, Antigone Gyra; 2012-2014: Matej Kejžar, Michael Pomero & Julien Monty & Marie Goudot, Roxane Huilmand & Wolfgang Kolb, Renate Grazidei & Arthur Stäldi, Saša Božić, Efrosini Trouso; 2015: Matej Kejžar


Eleanor Bauer, Fernando Belfiore, J.E.Belot, Matic Bobnar, Saša Božić & Petra Hrašćanec, Mette Edvardsen, Renate Graziedei & Arthur Staldi, Antigone Gyra, Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Ribeek,  Rosana Hribar & Gregor Luštek, Leja Jurišić & Teja Reba, Matej Kejžar, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Csaba Molnar, Michael Pomero & Julien Monty & Marie Goudot, Ana Romih, Gabriel Schenker, Isabela Soupart, Simon Tanguy & Gabriel Smeets, Via Negativa & Uroš Kaurin

Live Art
Pavlos Kountouriotis, Benjamin Sebastian

Fabrik, Artan Lili, Dick & Greta, Your Gay Thoughts, Charlie Winston

Andreja Kopač, Christos Polymenakos, Pierre Tallaron

Visual Art
Jordi Gali, Alexandros Psichoulis & Yannis Arvantis, Urša Vidic

Spider Partners
Loge 22, Danscentrumjette, De Facto, Kinitiras, Laborgras, Dan.c.ce

Spider Website