In Eden, Mala Kline combines dance, music, and humour effortlessly, searching for heaven on Earth rather than in the skies. Eden was performed all around Europe, including at festivals such as Prague's 4+4 Days, Barcelona's Salmon and Novi Sad's Infant.

©Damir Žižić

©Damir Žižić

In ‘Eden’ Kline and her colleagues created atouching as well as surprising ‘quest for heaven’ – but without flirting with promises of otherworldly salvation. Instead, they put at risk the here and now, the unity of body and voice, sound andmovement, animal and spiritual. — I. Nerina, Tanz aktuell, Germany

Ethereal, fragile and eclectic, the Slovenian artist propels us in our everyday Eden in which the force is confronted with the fragility; the demand to be loved is to deal with the gaze of others. — V. Sardeli, Le molteplici metamorfosi di Danae, PAC, Italy

A choreography written on the skin of the animal voice of movement, which isolates those powerful moments of creating one’s own outer space, all the while looking like a tranquil green day in Paradise, so much so that the spectator wants to get up and do an electronic waltz in it. — I. Krešić, NIN, Serbia

Eden is a complex project that in one swipe lucidly explores raw aspects of the subconscious and collective dream images while expressing the exquisite originality of the author’s ideas and their intriguing realization. — Z. Dobovšek, Delo, Slovenia

Eden juxtaposes two worlds that are simultaneously present in the meeting between a performer and an audience. The here and now of the theatrical meeting collides with the realm of images that hover in the spaces within, outside and in-between the bodies.

Working with these images through a figure of a clown, Eden collides opposites and stages paradoxes playfully and with a sense of humour. Eden is not a blissful state of rest. Eden is a place of healing with a razorblade.

Created by Mala Kline
Performed by Mala Kline (dance) & Luka Ropret (live music)
Music by Alen & Nenad Sinkauz
Produced by Pekinpah & E.P.I. Center
Collaborating partners: DasArts, Kino Šiška, Tanzquartier Wien, SC Zagreb, En-Knap

Premiere: 18 September 2012, Ganz Novi Festival, Zagreb, Croatia

4 October 2015, 4+4 Days Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
29 & 30 May 2015, Transeuropa 2015 Festival, Hildesheim, Germany
28 January 2015, The Image Generator Festival, Extra City, Antwerpen, Belgium
28 November 2014, Salmon Festival, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain
27 June /2014, Infant Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
25 & 27 November 2013, Danae Festival, Milano, Italy
31 October 2013, Culturscapes Festival, Proxy Theater, Basel, Switzerland
25 August 2013, Mladi Levi Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
13,14 & 15 July 2013, UFO Festival, Brunico, Italy
23 May 2013, Platforma Festival, Maribor, Slovenia
11 May 2013, Der zaudernde Koerper, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany
20 November 2012, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, SIovenia