Premiered at the 2015 Ganz Novi Festival in Zagreb, Genesis is the latest in the series of Kline's performances that use dreaming as a creative method. Genesis represents an ongoing striving for the creation of a new world - out of a collective dreaming practice of five dancers.

© Matija Lukić

© Matija Lukić

It is in this work’s ‘nature’ to disintegrate established identity within a pool of principles. — Pavle Heidler,

Genesis is semantically empty yet full of intentionality and potentiality. … Viewers can watch but they can also meditate with Genesis. — Ana Schnabl, Dnevnik, Slovenia

"It’s like I’m in a movie that starts quiet but something is underneath and may rise unexpectedly at any time. I wake up. A blurred object is hovering right in front of me. I’m so shocked I can’t really see it. ‘I knew it. This is the Thing.’ I try to calm down and look at it again. I see now the object is just a corner of the wooden table next to my bed. I get up. It’s bright. I go for a walk outside. A man shows me the vineyards where vines are still only seeds in the soil. We arrive to a small house with no front wall. Inside the house is a baby, alone and sovereign. I look at the baby and it transforms into a whirling object. I look again and the object transforms into a still white formation. Something has crystallized into a form."

Genesis is weaved from the dreams of five performers who dream a world coming into being, first as a dream then as an embodied image and form. Every moment is a beginning, a return to the creative space where realms of ‘dreaming’ and the ‘here and now’ penetrate and inform each other. They are the kings of the space and they set its laws as they communally dream Genesis into being. Genesis is the ongoing striving of the world to be born through our dreaming.

Created by Mala Kline
Performed by Loup Abramovici, Tomislav Feller, Mala Kline, Jasmina Križaj, Andrius Mulokas (dance) & Gideon Kiers (live music)
Scenography & Light Design by Petra Veber
Music by Gideon Kiers
Produced by Pekinpah and SC Zagreb
Coproduced by City of Women Festival Ljubljana and Plesna izba Maribor

Premiere: 21 September 2015, Ganz Novi Festival, Zagreb, Croatia,

22 & 23 September 2015, Ganz Novi Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
7 & 8 October 2015, Festival City of Women, Ljubljana, Slovenia
10 October 2015, Festival Platforma, Maribor, Slovenia