House is the second piece by Matej Kejžar from his Utopian Trilogy, which is based on the work The City of the Sun by Tommaso Campanella.

© Matija Lukić

©Matija Lukić

In this paradoxically open and enclosed atrium – not the typical type of space for staging art performances – three dancers move, exploring collective living and their simultaneous continued independence, succeeding in holding our attention with their technical perfection and utmost focus almost to the end; due to the sheer structure of the performance, they could have lost it a lot sooner.

Maša Radi, Koridor – križišča umetnosti, 19 September 2017


Speaking of a nation in times of heyday, the book's strength is in showing how people foster their shared beliefs, while also living each in their own way. When the book was written originally, however, which was the period after the discovery of America, these ways were often in a clash with the spirit of the time. A similar utopian community appeared in the 1980's within the house movement of black American homosexuals. The piece House is a house of the dance language driving people onwards. House is a house of dance, house is a house of avant-garde, house is a space behind walls, concealed from the external world. Rather than living in a community, House advocates the concept of sharing a common existence. It is dedicated to anybody believing in the power of the avant-garde.

Concept and choreography by Matej Kejžar
Performed by Stanislav Dobak, Riccardo Guratti and Peter de Vuyst (TRIO VERSION) and Matej Kejžar (SOLO VERSION)
Set and lights by Petra Veber
Produced by Pekinpah
In collaboration with Indigo festival

Premiere: 07. September 2017, Atrium ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana (TRIO VERSION) and 08. September 2017, Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana