True Romance


Performed by Fernando Belfiore and Peter de Vuyst, True Romance is Kejžar's exploration of body rituals praising life and love through what might be understood as the type of raw masculine energy that is not afraid of emotions and humour.


© Matija Lukić

Matej Kejžar, graduated as a choreographer from the Amsterdam School of the Arts, in the SNDO program, and continued his postgraduate studies in Brussels at X-Group P.A.R.T.S. He was an exchanged student at the Trisha Brown Dance Company in New York and received a scholarship from the Movement Research program.

Exploring connections and disconnections between two, not necessary gender-specific, bodies, True Romance focuses on body rituals in order to piece together a possibility of an enactment of praise of life and love through (what might be termed) the raw masculine energy. 

Collaborating with dancers Fernando Belfiore and Peter Peter de Vuyst, Matej Kejžar succeeded in develping a highly energetic piece of choreography on the notion of masculinity that doesn’t shy away from emotions and humour. 

Concept & dance: Matej Kejžar

Set & lights: Petra Veber

Performed by Fernando Belfiore & Peter de Vuyst
Producer: Žiga Predan
Produced by Pekinpah
Collaborating Partner: Dansmakers Amsterdam

Premiere: 26 March 2015 PTL, Ljubljana, Slovenia