Dreamhostel is an interactive one-day performance based on the experience of collective dreaming. As any hostel, the Dreamhostel is open for a sleepover. But unlike other hostels, the Dreamhostel is characterised by an active immersion of its guests in dreams not only of their own but also of other guests.

© Nada Žgank

© Nada Žgank

Dreamhostel turned out to be a humbling experience ... a series of exercises for flexing our imagination-muscle – by ourselves or with others. ... Let the dreaming begin! — T. Hvala, City of Women, Slovenia  

Dreamhostel provides tools for solving the question: What should man actually change (even on purely physical level)? — N. Leskovšek, Dnevnik, Slovenia

Dreamhostel is a durational 23-hour performance where the audience is invited for a sleepover at a makeshift hostel for dreamers. Upon arrival, the audience is initiated into the practice of dreaming through imagery exercises. 

The guest of the Dreamhostel are taught to remember a dream and to “open” it with the assistance of the performers. All the open dreams configure a communal dream map through which a new, alternative vision of community begins to unfold. 

Created by Mala Kline
Performed by Mala Kline & local perfomers
Producer: Žiga Predan
Produced by Pekinpah
Coproduced by City of Women Festival, SC Zagreb, Plesna Izba Maribor, a.pass, SOI Slovenia

Premiere: 3 October 2014, City of Women Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia