SILENCE | Fine-Tuning


On December 22, Silence performed at the State Celebration of the Slovene Independence and Unity Day. The event's artistic program - entitled 'Fine-Tuning, Concerto for a Two-Million Piece Orchestra' - was conceived and directed by the duet. The event featured a formal address by Dr. Miro Cerar, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia.


Photos: Žiga Živulović jr.

The duet performed with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, conductor Tomislav Fačini, cellist Igor Mitrović, pianist Igor Vićentić, thereminist and keyboardist Petra Vidmar, and Nik Škrlec, the Slovene record holder for reciting digits of pi. The performance - a synthesis of culture and science - featured two short films: 'Utopia by Design' by Simon Bregar, Eva Garibaldi, Lin Gerkman, Jakob Koncut, and Tjaša Mužina (all of whom are students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana), and 'Tractus' by David Tomažič.

The performance featured six compositions. Most of the repertoire consisted of music written for Tomaž Pandur's plays. The final song ('V spomin tistemu, kar se še ni zgodilo') was written specifically for the event. 

The performance featured sound design by Jure Vlahovič and Jernej Černalogar, video by Den Baruca, narration by Jure Longyka, and lighting by Zoran Najdenov.

The event was aired by RTV Slovenia. The broadcast was directed by Urška Žnidaršič.

The event, organised by the Department of State ceremonies at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, took place at Cankarjev dom's Gallus Hall in Ljubljana.

Direction and concept: Boris Benko and Primož Hladnik
Music: Silence
Video Design: Den Baruca
Light Design: Zoran Najdenov

SILENCE: Boris Benko, vocal and Primož Hladnik, piano and keyboards
RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Tomislav Fačini
Igor Mitrović, cello
Igor Vićentić, piano
Petra Vidmar, theremin and keyboards
Nik Škrlec, State champion in memory
Vocal Group Domen

Let tonight’s concert for the
two-million-strong orchestra encourage us and
remind us that everything really begins from
silence, with a thought for better times.
— Dr Miro Cerar Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia

Photos: Aleš Rosa