“Together” can be read in very different spatial and temporal dimensions, physical and mental spaces, and what is at stake in the project of the performing duo Jurišić-Mandić is a striking conceptual and methodological focus intent on answering the question of what it means to be together and how to be together.

© Petra Veber

© Petra Veber

Created by Leja Jurišić and Marko Mandić in cooperation with director Bojan Jablanovec and writer Semira Osmanagić
Performed by Leja Jurišič & Marko Mandić

Produced by Pekinpah & Via Negativa
Co-produced by Kino Šiška

Today we are witnessing unbearable inflation of performativity. Everything is a performance, we are drowning in the constant presence and medialization of everything. We are quick to identify what we binds us together, yet we are unable to bind ourselves to anything for any significant amount of time. “Together” requires an investment that is increasingly difficult to pay.

Leja and Marko deal precisely with this investment, but without looking for an answer outside of themselves, in some external site (a theory, a story, a mythology) that would make sense of their relationship. They turn the question upon themselves: Why do I want to be together (with him / her), how to endure being together, what to do (with oneself) so that “together” becomes a  realization of a surplus (in me), how to avoid the hierarchy of power (for that is not being together) ...? And last but not least: How to establish this “together” in the performative time and space of the spectator?