The Spider is back! This year, even further along
the cutting edge and sharper than ever.

© Félicie Barbey, DD Dorvillier: ONLY ONE OF MANY

© Félicie Barbey, DD Dorvillier: ONLY ONE OF MANY

Spider Festival 2017, September 7th – 16th, SMEEL and other locations, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Announcing the Spider Festival 2017 program!

In a week, this contemplation-friendly, party-friendly and guerrilla-friendly international gathering of makers will let you see, hear and experience some of the freshest and most radical production, while never ceasing to entertain and fascinate.

Festival highlights:
Samira Elagoz, the activist performer on the cutting edge of integrating new formats and media. She’s really hot these days, winning awards and performing at places like Spring Festival and Impulstanz, and will be in Ljubljana with her provocative Cock, cock … who's there, an intimate insight into gender relations and social media.

Laurent Chétouane! The mage of theatre and dance, blending the two into new realities, will be presenting the first tryout enactment of his upcoming Partita 1, a masterwork based on the eponymous Bach composition.

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiasen, the breakthrough artist who drags the mystical and ritual into the here-and-now, is coming back to Ljubljana with her newest work, Remembrane. It’s a glitch, she says, a “multi-layered body glitch, reclaiming the female body”.

Andrea Zavala, who opens the gateways to potentiality and teaches us what it means to embody ideas into dance will dazzle us with her use of video and visuals in Some, “a solo with many”.

DD Dorvillier, a master of form and format, intersecting dance and music in new and profound ways is coming with the just recently premiered Only One of Many, a clockwork-precise study of the relationship between music and movement co-created with versatile musician and artist of sound, Sebastien Roux.

Matej Kejžar will present the premiere of House, inspired by the early eighties queer movement. In House, Matej will deal with dance as an expression, dance as a modality of moving towards somebody or bringing something forth.

Mala Kline’s Songlines are the first enactment of a durational site-specific improvisational piece on the relationships between the visible and invisible, matter and spirit, body and voice, movement and song, the stage and the spectator. Songs from the womb of a whale!

Žigan Krajnčan, Gašper Kunšek and Jan Krmelj will team up with some of the region’s best talent to premiere their latest work, Chorus, focusing on the origin of voice and community.

We’re not even done. There will be talks and discussions in informal settings. There will be workshops. There will be parties – the traditional Ljubljanica river party with D&G, a couple of great concerts, and long nights in the company of makers, creatives and professionals from around the world.

Let us take you on a trip. A collected approach. On the edge of the trail.