Matej Kejžar


Educated at Trisha Brown’s, SNDO and X-GROUP P.A.R.T.S., Matej Kejžar (Ljubljana, SI/ Brussels, BE) has been working with Rosas (The Song; Cesena) and creating his own performances throughout the world, including the internationally acclaimed Verbalisation Trilogy and numerous choreographies developed for, and in collaboration with, the leading world dance talents fromSao Paulo to Singapore. Kejžar’s latest performance, Rave, was commissioned by, and premiered at, the 2015 Festival d’Avignon. 


Matej Kejžar, graduated as a choreographer from the Amsterdam School of the Arts, in the SNDO program, and continued his postgraduate studies in Brussels at X-Group P.A.R.T.S. He was an exchanged student at the Trisha Brown Dance Company in New York and received a scholarship from the Movement Research program. 

After finishing his studies, he created a number of critically-acclaimed choreographies in Slovenia, including At Senses At Times (Maska, 2002), Senser (Exodos, 2004), Burlesque (Exodos, 2006), Temporary Autonomous Zone (Cankarjev dom, 2006) and Little Red Riding Hood (Emanat, Cankarjev dom, 2007). 

In 2007, Kejžar moved to Brussels where he worked with Rosas for four years (The Song, Cesena) and then continued his career as a choreographer. 

The initiator and artistic director of ten international Spider festivals (2010 - 2015), Kejžar helped connect Lyon, Ljubljana, Berlin, Brussels, Zagreb and Athens into a EU-supported dance network. He has been collaborating with, and teaching at, several renowned cultural organizations worldwide such as SNDO, P.A.R.T.S., SEAD, DELTEBRE DANSA, IMPULSTANZ, TUNA Taiwan, TSEH Moscow, FRONTIERE DANCE LAND Singapore, etc. 

Since 2009, Kejžar has been cooperating with the Pekinpah company, which has helped with the production of his performances. He also became involved with the company as a professional associate and became an active co-creator of its international dance program. In cooperation with Pekinpah, he first started working on a reconstruction of his performance Senser from 2004, which morphed into Senser 2010 (Pekinpah; SEAD Salzburg 2010).

During this period, Kejžar began developing his signature choreographic method, termed Spacetime Remix, and started teaching everywhere from Belgium and Austria to Canada, Brazil, India and Singapore. He created several performances based on his method, including Edges of Shutting Down (Singapore 2013), Procedimento 21+1 (Porto Alegre 2013), Chanting Physicality (Bangalore 2014), Extending Practice (Salzburg 2014), Spacetime Banalogere (Bangalore 2015), True Romance (Ljubljana 2015). In 2014, Kejžar was selected to participate in the 2014 Berlin version of the 20 dancers for the XX Century by Boris Charmatz.

In 2013, Kejžar began working on the Verbalisation Trilogy, a series of researches into relationships between choreographic language and verbal expression. He completed the trilogy with a commissioned premiere of RAVE at the Avignon Theatre Festival in July 2015. 




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